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From the last 16 years, Kavi Art Studio (prev.Yashoda Art Classes) has been independently run by Mrs.Kavitha, a passionate artist who loves teaching. 

Unlike other art institutes, we take in a limited number of students. This allows every student to get enough attention from the teacher. Mrs. Kavitha assesses every student and adapts her teaching methodologies to bring out the best in the student. Perhaps this is why the same students repeatedly enroll for different art classes.

You can learn from over 54 different painting, drawing, craft, stitching classes in both online and in-person classes for kids & adults. This is the best Art Institute in Hyderabad that has been rated 4.8 stars in Google by hundreds of students.

Some popular hobby & professional art courses are - Oil painting, Glass painting, Acrylic painting, Tanjore painting, Watercolours, Charcoal painting, Sketching(or drawing)Fabric painting, Pot painting, Madhubani, Warli, Kerala MuralsStitching courses, etc.

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Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher!

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Group Online Painting Classes for Kids & Adults

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What do students say about our art classes?

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16 years of diligently shaping hundreds of artistic souls all over the world has earned us a rating of 4.8 stars on Google!

Santosh Kosana

Ankita Dhakre

Pranavi Gunda

Soumya Bhat

(All paintings above have been painted by students of different age groups)

Learning anything new is an adventure.


Sometimes it's exciting.

Sometimes frustrating.

Sometimes even scary!


Many times on our learning journey we are allured by the possibility of mastery. We long to go beyond our present skills, and explore the unknown.


At Kavi Art Studio, you are provided the right materials and techniques to leap onto the alluring horizon of mastery.

So join today in any of our 54 painting classes today, and celebrate the artist in you!