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Fine Art

If you are new, then it's best to learn some of the most popular Fine Art courses like Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal, etc.

Eclectic Collection

Kavi Art Studio is not just for learning arts, but it's also a place to learn crafts, calligraphy, mehendi, etc.

Folk Art

From Madhubani to Chinese Brush Painting, explore all our Folk Art Courses.


Learn how to stitch and embroider clothes professionally, all by yourself. Never again you'll have to visit a tailor.

Contemporary Art

Find some of the modern Contemporary Art Courses here, that you may not find anywhere else.

Courses for Kids

For kids above 5 years of age, we have curated a special list of courses that they will enjoy!

Decorative Art

Do you want to paint vases, clothes, or peepal leaves? This is your list of courses!

Crash Courses

Are you short on time? Don't worry, we have got you covered!


Learning anything new is an adventure.


Sometimes it's exciting.

Sometimes frustrating.

Sometimes even scary!


Many times on our quests we are allured by the horizon. We are urged to go beyond where we are, and explore the unknown.


At Kavi Art Studio, you are provided the right platform from which you can leap onto the horizon and celebrate the artist in you!

  • Summer Online Art Classes from March 1!

    Children of age group 5 to 12 years can enroll in these online courses. They will be taught both watercolours and sketching simultaneously, 2 sessions per week. Total, there will be 20 sessions(each session is 1 hours long).

    Timings are:

    USA Batch - Friday & Saturday 7:30 to 8:30pm CST

    India Batch -  Monday & Tuesday 5:00 to 6:00pm IST

    You can either opt for batches, according to your comfort.

    Every step of the painting will be explained. Your child will be given individual attention. You can also ask doubts and get feedback instantly on your drawings. 

Better than a thousand days of diligent study

is one day with a great teacher!

Japanese Proverb



From the last 16 years, Kavi Art Studio has been independently run by Mrs.Kavitha, a passionate artist who loves teaching. 

Her childhood hobby to paint at every opportunity, translated into a rewarding profession of inspiring hundreds of students from all over the world to seek solace in art.


Her unique ability to adapt her teaching methodologies to bring out the best in every individual truly sets her apart.

Some students went on to create award-winning masterpieces. While others became full time professionals who sold expensive paintings. Some even held soul-touching exhibitions.


Since every student is given individual support and guidance, we take a limited number of students.


Our Studio in Hyderabad is filled with paintings that inspire every person who walks in to develop a passionate love for art.


Some students have even felt therapeutic! The serene open terrace and well ventilated A/C environment makes sure there's nothing between you and your masterpiece.


All in all, our Studio is a lovely place that exuberates an artistic vibe.

Here's a 360 degrees navigable VR video.

Go ahead and have a virtual tour!

16 years of diligently shaping artistic souls all over the world has earned us a rating of 4.8 stars on Google!

My wife has joined here for knife and water colouring painting. Kavitha madam over here suggests what's best for students who are passionate in learning the art. She has loads of talent and passion for the art and teaches one on one with the student. My wife plans to learn more other forms of art from madam. Those who are searching for quality teaching from a well experienced tutor, your wait ends here.

Mithun Swaroop


Reserve your spot today and go from being an amateur to a professional artist in any of over 50 art courses!

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Mrs. Kavitha


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