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Original Paintings that
light up every space

Art makes a house our home

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Every corner of our home reflects who we are. It oozes with warmth, memories and is the ultimate expression of our deepest personalities.  No matter how many people are on earth, no one can be you. Isn't it?

Would you rather choose a heartless item that sits in thousands of homes? Or an exquisite artwork, that strikes heartfelt conversations every time you have a guest?
At Kavi Art Studio, we believe that everybody has a unique taste, that can't be matched with mass manufactured decor. And you are no exception.

Buy Indian Handmade Paintings like never before

painting classes in hyderabad

Framed & Unfamed options Available

16 years of Expertise of Mrs. Kavitha

Diverse and Handmade Paintings

Gift packing available

Free Shipping across India


Gift something that reminds them of you, forever

Gift Handmade Paintings for Birthdays, House Warming and Weddings


Large masterpieces that display your personality

Large canvas paintings that elevate your living room


Paintings that make a statement in every room

Original Paintings make a focal point in every room


Bring home intricate Indian folk wall art 

Madhubani, Kalamkari, Tanjore, Kerala Murals Paintings and many more

Explore more exquisite paintings in our full gallery

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