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madhubani painting classes in hyderabad.

I have always wanted to learn painting since childhood but never found a good teacher to take it further....

Is this what you keep saying to yourself?

So did many of our students before joining Kavi Art Studio.


Even adults who never sketched in their life transform into professional artists. They themselves get surprised by what they can create after joining our painting classes.

You can read hundreds of reviews on Google about Kavi Art Studio, and you would hear the same things that all students secretly dream of :

  • Personal attention for every student

  • Inspiring environment

  • Painting classes that feel like therapy

  • Teacher's motivation to bring out hidden talent

Why Kavi Art Studio is the best art institute in Hyderabad?

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Kavi Art Studio has been independently run by Mrs.Kavitha, a passionate artist who loves teaching. 

As an 8 year old child, she started out by creating floral designs on thin sheets of paper using sketch pens. She spent all her pocket money on purchasing readily available pens and pencils. Whenever she came across a painting, she would stare and imagine how the strokes, colours and techniques have brought it to life.

Though one can learn art by themselves, it is a long and tedious process, with little progress.


So, when she was in Pune, she was always on a quest to find good art courses and teachers. Nevertheless, she absorbed everything she could from whatever was being taught. Her obsession with art often drove her to distant parts of the city. And in 2004, she gave rise to what is now, the Best Art Institute (Google: 4.8 stars) in Hyderabad, India.

Her unique ability to adapt her teaching methodologies to bring out the best in every individual truly sets her apart.


Some of the students have won several National Level Competitions, held beautiful Art Exhibitions, and made a living out of soul-touching paintings.

And btw, did you know that if you are in luck, you might find a famous personality or two learning painting in our art studio? 

Review on Google by daughter of Telugu Actress Roja Ma'am

It has been a beautiful experience working with Kavitha Mam. She is one of the most talented and patient artist. I have always had a passion for fine arts but because of her I am able to take my dream further into learning fine arts. I will strongly recommend Yashoda Art Classes(now Kavi Art Studio) to everyone who wants to put their best foot forward in the process of learning fine arts. I really love the way Mam teaches. Mam has got incredible talent. I can't thank her enough for her hard work and support which led me to get an award.

Kavi Art Studio in Popular Media

painting classes hyderabad

Mrs. Kavitha has also been featured in Times of India, BBC World Documentary, All India Akashvani Interview, and many other TV shows. Apart from these, she has also commissioned artworks for temples. Occasionally, you can also see her works in Exhibitions and workshops.

Kavi Art Studio - painting classes in hy
Kavi Art Studio - painting classes in hy

How can Kavi Art Studio help you?

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