From the last 16 years, Kavi Art Studio has been independently run by Mrs.Kavitha, a passionate artist who loves teaching. 

Her childhood hobby to paint at every opportunity, translated into a rewarding profession of inspiring hundreds of students from all over the world to seek solace in art.


Her unique ability to adapt her teaching methodologies to bring out the best in every individual truly sets her apart.

Some students went on to create award-winning masterpieces. While others became full time professionals who sold expensive paintings. Some even held soul-touching exhibitions.


Since every student is given individual support and guidance, we take a limited number of students.

Can one learn art by themselves? By all means, yes! All it takes is courage and resilience to keep pushing your boundaries.

Even I, as an 8 year old child, started out by creating floral designs on thin sheets of paper using sketchpens. I just let creativity flow through me. Whenever I came across a painting, I would stare and imagine how the strokes, colours and techniques have brought it to life.

Though one can learn art by themselves, it is a long and tedious process, with little progress.

So, when I was in Pune, I was always on a quest to find good art courses and teachers. Nevertheless, I absorbed everything I could from whatever was being taught.

My obsession with art often drove me to distant parts of the city. And in 2004, I gave rise to what is now, the Best Art Institute (Google: 4.8 stars) in Hyderabad. Some of my students have won several National Level Competitions, held beautiful Art Exhibitions, and made a living out of soul-touching paintings.

I'm grateful for the amazing journey I've been through!

If you have any questions, check out my youtube tutorials and website.